What is PALOES?

PALOES is a not for profit organisation, which exists to enhance the quality of leadership and management of outdoor adventure education in schools.

This body which is endorsed by The National Mountain Centre at Plas y Brenin, supports the work of teachers responsible for leading outdoor programmes in schools of all types.  It aims to help these teachers to enhance their leadership and management abilities and to be more effective in delivering a programme to meet the needs of the Twenty First century.

PALOES will provide an environment to encourage the development of strategic vision, together with the application of leadership skills.  This might enable leaders of Outdoor Adventure Education  to critically examine the nature and quality of what they provide for pupils of all abilities and levels of enthusiasm.

The Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel issues National Guidance for off-site trips. Adopting National Guidance removes the need for each employer or establishment to write and maintain their own comprehensive guidance and gives users easy access to regularly updated and nationally recognised guidance. This group of about 100 experienced professionals in England and Wales  are generally attached to a Local Authority. PALOES has a member that sits on the Panel and represents the interests of Independent Schools. 

PALOES provides expert knowledge and advice through experienced practitioners. It also provides consultancy services on off-site visits, associated policies, Risk Assessment, EVC, Visit Leader and staff training

This can be at the pick-up of a telephone, or on a more formal basis.

Benefits of Membership


  • Current practice and initiatives
  • Leadership and management education
  • Access to specialist knowledge and experience
  • Showcase of good practice
  • Research
  • Case Studies
  • Book Reviews
  • Recruitment and consultancy services


  • Notable initiatives amongst schools
  • Leadership education applied to the school level
  • Research findings
  • Implications of external developments on school outdoor programmes
  • Scenarios and Solutions
  • Advice and awareness of guidance from National Governing Bodies 


  • Nationally renowned speakers
  • Leadership education
  • Personal development programme
  • Contemporary issues
  • Health, Safety and Risk Benefit Analysis
  • Updated Legislation and Training Awards

Eligibility and Costs

Full Membership is available to Educational Visit Coordinators, Visit Leaders and those with responsibility for leading all of part of the Outdoor Education programme, in their school. More than one member of a school’s staff may be a Member. Membership is currently free.

International Members

International Membership is available to teachers anywhere in the world. It will enable these members to keep in touch with educational developments within Britain, to exchange ideas and good practice with other overseas schools. It will also enable them to advertise overseas  positions within the GB market. Membership is currently free.

All PALOES Members will enjoy discounted rates at the annual conferences.

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